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Kanze school archive

About a Kanze school archive

Net exhibition

"A Kanze school archive" is the digital archive which I search the documents document which a Kanze school library possesses about Noh on the Internet and can read.

While I was supported by a patron and the audience including the family to inherit the shogunate, the Noh established by Kanami, Zeami was succeeded to to date by many Noh actors and developed. It assumed Kanami ryuso to have taken the core and was the people of the person of Kanze school to assume Zeami the second father that is successive Kanze school tayus.
It lasted with the times while Kanze school tayus protected the text including the handwriting book of Zeami, and they told, and oneself left a text while being famed for a heart in the future and formed an archive of the Kanze schools that was enormous with an aspect, attire. The cause of the cooperation of current master of a home 26th Kanze school Kiyokazu, an investigation project by the Grant in Aid for Scientific Research were carried out, and the total picture of the archive was just opened in the form called the exhibition on the Web here in the world.            
Taking advantage of this, I have general people know the existence of the Kanze school library widely and pray for development of the further Noh as the world heritage.

About use of database

The usages are as follows.
(1) I display a list of related documents from the search by keyword of the bibliography.
(2) I read the bibliography details or a photograph image every document which I chose on a list.
The image reads it through software (KmView) working on a Web browser.
It is necessary for Flash Player plug in to be installed in a browser.
Only reading on the screen is offered, and the document cannot print the copy of the image.
In addition, in the use, it should be noted the following points.
Whether a defect in a form, the content including blanks and the divided point remains, and being wrong is included in bibliography information omoi
 Is broken. I gradually revise it and, to the progress of the continuing bibliography investigation, am going to expand it now.
About a part of the Kanze school library possession document, it is already like a bibliography by the Institute for Hosei University Noh led by Mr. representation
 sa is performed;
the result "a Kanze school head family possession document list" (fukaidai) ("Kanze school" April, 1972 issue - 1977
It is summarized in February issue).
 The bibliography information of the document collected by this referred to even this database totally.
 I want to express the will of thanks here.
The document is divided into the thing of the Kanze school library possession document and a deposition document owned by a Kanze school grandmaster.
 About the document owned by a grandmaster, I may refrain from photograph image exhibitions from the viewpoint of style administration.
 Will examine the document refraining from image exhibitions at present one by one in future, and as possible gradually release it; and a line
 It is ku plan.
 In addition, if this archive's original document value including an utai libretto of the modern publication and the general book is low; judgment saretamononitsu
 Because I do not take a picture from the beginning when I am, there is not a supporting image.
When, for the purpose of scientific study, hope for reading of the document becoming the image secrecy; at a Kanze school library
 It is consultation. Contact information:

About the use of the image
The copyright of the image is vested in a Kanze school library, a Kanze school grandmaster. When you use it, observe Copyright Act.
The use of this database for the purpose of a study, education or the learning it is only on the condition that nonprofit.
 In the case of result announcement, it is thing specification using this database.
About the contents of this database, I prohibit reproduction without permission, contents change and a redistribution.
When hope for a publication, display, use of reproduction of the image data including the broadcast; is a monkey beforehand at a Kanze school library
 You do sei, and get permission.
 Contact information: kanzebunko[at]
(please replace [at] in the address with @.)
The link to the top page is free.
 (but except the link from the page that is against a commercial purpose and public order and morals).

Database creator
The supervision: Shinpei Matsuoka
Editing: Taro Yokoyama, Takahashi Yusuke
A bibliography investigation and explanatory notes writing (the order of the kana syllabary):
 Aoyagi Yuriko, Fumio Amano, Italy Sea Takamitsu, history of Osamu Isoda, Misato Ido, Ai Inoue, Fumie Eguchi, megumisakasatori, brook Takao,
 As for Hiroshi Ochiai, Kenji Kobayashi, Nigi Sato way, Takakuwa Izumi, Takahashi Yusuke, Mikio Takemoto, Kaoru Nakao, Nagata dirt
 Yukiko Nakatsuka, Hashiba evening Kei, Asao Hashimoto, Atsuko Himeno, Shinpei Matsuoka, Keizo Miyamoto, Chiho Yanase, Reiko Yamanaka,
 Taro Yokoyama (
26 people. Investigation participant after 2006)

Database public cooperation
Yoshida good luck seedling (University of Tokyo information infrastructure center)

Production cooperation
Photography and image data processing: International microphotograph industry company
Database production: ritteru

The University of Tokyo Graduate School synthesis culture graduate course where the copyright holder of the whole database is a Grant in Aid for Scientific Research executive organ, college of liberal arts piece
It is a place museum.
The copyright holder of each image data is a Kanze school library.
(the last update date: October 8, 2009. Responsibility for the contents of an article: Taro Yokoyama)

The person of Kanze school tayu abbreviation genealogy

Kanze school library
〒150-0001 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
5-27-2, Jinguumae

Kanze school society
〒104-0061 Chuo-ku, Tokyo
6-10-1, Ginza

GINZA SIX the third floor of the basement


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