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Director Kiyokazu Kanze

Kiyokazu Kanze

26th Kanze school head family
Kiyokazu Kanze (kanzekiyokazu) 
1959 Tokyo birth 
Father 25th head family Sakon Kanze (the first of the year)
The 1990 head master of a school succession
As Kanami of the Muromachi era, a 26th head family of the Kanze school to descend from Zeami,
I pull modern Noh world.
The domestic performance than the cause France,
India, Thailand, China, the United States,
I worked on Germany, Poland, overseas performances such as Lithuania and return music of "Hakozaki", the latest Noh including "Rikyu" eagerly, and Christian ability gave the first public performance of "a change of heart of Saint Paul" in 2012.
Winning the recommendation of art Minister of Education rookie of the year title.
French culture art decoration Chevalier receipt of a decoration.
Winning the 2012 (the 63rd) recommendation of art Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology prize.
Winning the 2013 "the 33rd traditional culture Paula Prize" grand prix.
2015 "Purple Ribbon Medal" receipt of a decoration.
The important intangible cultural asset "Noh" (general authorization) holder.
(general incorporated foundation) Kanze school library director
(no company) Kanze school society's director
(no company) Director Japanese Noh society's managing director

"The ability is so interesting!" in a book "the first original intention" (*kosha), modern version "fine presence flower biography" (PHP) There is (joint work / Shogakukan with Mr. Tatsuru Uchida).

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