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Guidance of the Hakozaki classroom

Noh experience lecture "Hakozaki classroom"

 ☆"The Hakozaki classroom" which became annual every year in Kyushu Fukuoka-shi

Recruitment of participants start in the first half of 2019!

 Sponsorship: Noh experience lecture "Hakozaki classroom" executive committee, Kanze school library
 Special cooperation: Hakozaki shrine

Support: Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-shi culture art promotion foundation

I started recruitment of participants of the Noh experience lecture "Hakozaki classroom".
The contents learn ability "Hakozaki" and some chantings of a Noh text and ends of the ability "Chinese ship".
The date for lesson and the entrance fees are as follows.

■Earlier period of 2019 (the 29th): From May to September
(all ten times)

  5/14 Tuesday 5/28 Tuesday 6/6 Thursday 6/17 Monday Thursday, July 11

7/25 Thursday 8/2 Friday 8/22 Thursday 9/3 Tuesday Monday, September 9 

I am going to hold a presentation in Hakozaki Kyuhai all over the interval in a let go session of September
 ※A lesson day may be changed by circumstances.


■ Time: Part (the small, junior high student) from 17:30 to 18:30 of the child

     General part (high school, university student, the public) from 19:00 to 20:30

  A venue: First half year = Hakozaki shrine shrine office (1-22-1, Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi)

  An entrance fee: ●The part of the child: Free of charge 

      ●A general part: Entrance fee 20,000 yen (it includes a consumption tax)
      ※As for the high school student, the university student, free an entrance fee (the presentation of the student identification card is necessary)     

  A lecturer: Kanze school protagonist Takanobu Sakaguchi et al.

■  A lesson: The chanting of a Noh text: "A heavy drinker (shojo)," it is the end: "A Chinese ship" (election)
Even a beginner has you learn "the end" from "the chanting of a Noh text" to be plain and performs a presentation showing result. 
※"The chanting of a Noh text" (sing)
The designation of the vocal music part of the ability. I put a part with the melody and the parts of words equivalent to lines together with the ability and call myself the chanting of a Noh text (sing).
※"The end" (the end)
Fly only in the constant opportunity using an end fan without attaching an aspect, attire.
□I have an attended person bring it  
・White tabi (I do not need the kimono wearing)
・Writing utensils (you may have you bring recording apparatuses for self-study again)

Noh experience lecture "Hakozaki" executive committee TEL092-725-1170 FAX092-725-1210                

A handbill and application of the Hakozaki classroom

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