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Recruitment of supporting members

Recruitment of Kanze school library supporting members

    A red crane product "small grimace mask" (important cultural property)

[it recruits the supporting members who can approve of an activity, the approach of the Kanze school library.]
[activity of the Kanze school library]
In a person of Kanze school to represent ability, it with the history more than 600 remainders year, a valuable document about the ability including the Zeami handwriting book was saved including a No-mask and noh costume. These holdings are Japanese important cultural assets and must inherit it socially for a long time from now on.
It is necessary to lay emphasis on the activities such as spread of ability or upbringing of the successor at the same time.
Predecessors in the family line 25th head family, Sakon Kanze tried for spread of ability development through the exhibition of the document from such a situation. I inherited this intention, and, in 26th head family, Kiyokazu Kanze 1991, a Kanze school library was established for the purpose of preservation, the utilization of a No-mask, noh costume of the person of Kanze school transmission and the valuable book, document and the spread of ability to the inside and outside the country.
Thereafter "a Noh Kanze school seat" "worked on many activities such as "Kanze school seat MIRAI" as holding of Kanze school library establishment memory exhibition "sinter of the mysterious profundity" of 1993 and periodical business.
In addition, targeting at beginners, they hold the classroom of the chanting of a Noh text and the end for guide lecture and children commenting on charm of the ability with a demonstration in each place, and a work, the activity last for many divergences for the spread of ability.
The help of the members whom you can support will be necessary in future that it is the problem that restoration, preservation of valuable documents handed down are important and succeeds in history safely.
I have you approve of the activity of the Kanze school library by all means at this opportunity and hope that I have cooperation.

The person who can cooperate is ...

Or from this <inquiry> column
If I hear,
I send a notice.

I accept even a call.
          03-6418-5025 (Kanze school library)
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