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Kanze school noh theater performance guidance

Performance calendar

You can look at the details of the performance when you click each performance name.
(as a performance name is displayed under the calendar when the case that you are watching taps a date in mobile, please tap a displayed performance name.)

About postponement, the cancellation of the performance

With a request from country by the emergency declaration procession and Tokyo, there is a performance calling it off in postponement of change, performance, a performance at time. Please confirm it with a calendar in a performance.
In addition, it may be the closure depending on the situation now in future in postponement, the cancellation of the performance planning, the temporariness of the Noh theater.
I would appreciate your understanding.

Guidance of an approach of the Kanze school Noh theater infectious disease prevention and the cooperation

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, it is prevented an infectious disease in the Kanze school Noh theater by the customer of the visit
I ask for the enforcement of measures and cooperation. Please confirm the details from this.

Guidance of the postponement performance

Under the influence of new coronavirus infection spread, the following performance becomes the postponement.
As they are different, as for transfer performance date and time and handling (refund, ticket replacement) of the ticket, the details, please confirm than the following every performance.
2020/4/19 (2021/2/20 re-postponement) 47th flower shadow society → Transfer performance day 2021/5/30
2020/5/30 Takashi Kuwata ability Festival → Transfer performance day 2021/5/15
2020/6/28 fourth Takashi Takeda Noriyuki society  → Transfer performance day 2021/11/3

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