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Kanze school noh theater performance guidance

About correspondence for various infectious disease prevention

Air conditioning ventilation, setting of the alcohol antiseptic solution in the theater, the point to touch of many customers clean regularly, and, for various infectious disease prevention including the new coronavirus, they sterilize it in the Kanze school Noh theater for 24 hours.
The reception desk staff wears a mask and, for the infection prevention of a customer and the staff, waits on customers.
In addition, I would like cooperation of the "cough etiquette" "hand-washing" to a customer. The customer with a cold symptoms such as fever, the cough would appreciate your talking with a medical institution before a visit.
I hope that I have understanding and cooperation.

Performance calendar

You can look at the details of the performance when you click each performance name.
(as a performance name is displayed under the calendar when the case that you are watching taps a date in mobile, please tap a displayed performance name.)

Guidance of the Kanze school Noh theater cooperation performance

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