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Ticket method for purchase

The ticket of the Noh performance

Most perform the performance of the ability publicly on one a day. The rates of a division, the ticket of a kind, the seat of a program, a performer, the seat change every performance.

The reservation method of the ticket varies by each performance, too. If a performance to be worried about is found as you can confirm it by monthly performance guidance about a performance, other ability performances of the Kanze school society sponsorship, please refer for a ticket handling place of each performance after confirmation by all means.
Of the advance ticket buy it, and there is the next method.
(only some sponsors have the performance of the handling, too. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.)

(1)Reservation in Internet

Reservation method in Internet
I would like the reservation on the Internet ( than "this". The reservation is possible anytime for 24 hours. After the reservation procedure, please receive money by a designated settlement method (the convenience store settlement, the credit settlement). The ticket becomes "the convenience store ticketing".

(2)I make a reservation on the telephone [only in the Kanze school noh theater office]

It is a reservation method on the telephone
At first to the Kanze school noh theater office (TEL. 03-6274-6579)
Please feel free to contact us.

I accept a schedule and a seat class, the number of performances that you want to look at.
I ask about an exchange method you like.

●I receive it by "postal transfer" receipt of money ⇒ "mail" (it costs a shipment fee separately)
 ●"I exchange it by a visit directly" by a deadline for designated taking care of
(I did not hear a reservation, the exchange for the day of the performance)


In a Kanze school noh theater of the handling of the ticket when there is not it,
Please contact a reference listed in a flyer.
[about today's ticket sale]
 It releases the today's ticket at the entrance box office of the noh theater from opening time.
 When an advance sale is sold out, there may not be the handling. Please confirm it beforehand.
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