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Guidance of the Kanze school library

Activity of the Kanze school library

In a person of Kanze school to represent ability, it with the history more than 600 years, a valuable document about the ability has been saved including a No-mask and noh costume. These holdings are Japanese important cultural assets and must inherit it socially for a long time from now on. It is necessary to lay emphasis on the activities such as spread of ability or upbringing of the successor at the same time. Predecessors in the family line 25th head family, Sakon Kanze tried for spread of ability development through the exhibition of the document from such a situation.

I inherited this intention, and, in 26th head family, Kiyokazu Kanze 1991, a Kanze school library was established for the purpose of preservation, a study, the utilization of a No-mask, noh costume and the valuable book, document and the Noh spread to the inside and outside the country of person of Kanze school transmission.

Thereafter "I wrestled for the many activities such as "Kanze school seat MIRAI" for the purpose of "Noh Kanze school seat" performance and young person upbringing performances including the exhibition of a Kanze school library meeting for the study, a No-mask and noh costume of the possession, the documents document as holding of Kanze school library establishment memory exhibition "sinter of the mysterious profundity" of 1993 and periodical business again. In addition, I hold a guide lecture to talk about charm of the ability with a demonstration, "the Noh experience lesson" for the student in each place and, targeting at beginners, act for the spread of ability, and the activity lasts for many divergences.

Corporation summary

Corporation nameKanze school library
The location
〒150-0001 5-27-2, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone number03-6418-5025
FAX number03-6418-5026
RepresentativeDirector Kiyokazu Kanze
Duties contents1.Collection, the preservation of Noh relations documents and exhibition 2.Publication of the research of Noh relations documents and the result 3.I work on a performance and the spread of Noh in home and abroad 4.The training of the person of Noh tradition 5.Holding such as a workshop, the lecture about the Noh 6.Others

It recruits supporting members at any time

At the Kanze school library, I carry out much business such as preservation, a study of the information about Noh experience classrooms and Zeami handwriting book or successive ancient documents which I succeeded to since establishment in an exhibition, a lecture, a workshop, a Noh performance (voluntary performance). However, the interest that an endowment causes comes under an influence under the low interest and faces many problems. I want you to cooperate with the people who can understand the purpose of the Kanze school library and will ask for your kind cooperation here in future on carrying out various business.

To supporting members, I do the precedent guidance of the event including the performance, the guidance such as a reservation given priority, the discount special treatment and the privilege is small, but appreciates it if you can participate as a supporting member at this opportunity.

As you send an application, please contact me at the following.
 Thank you in advance.

Kanze school library/telephone: 03-6418-5025, FAX: 03-6418-5026
●In the case of an email, please connect than "this inquiry".

Kanze school library
〒150-0001 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
5-27-2, Jinguumae

Kanze school society
〒104-0061 Chuo-ku, Tokyo
6-10-1, Ginza

GINZA SIX the third floor of the basement


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