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I want to take a lesson!

Lesson ground guidance by the Kanze school society noh player

◎Member noh player of the general corporate judicial person Kanze school society
I hold lesson ground in various places throughout the ha whole country
I do it.

The lesson of the chanting of a Noh text (sing) in a stomach power
If as I put it and speak, it is good for health
It is done.
Again the end (the end) part of the ability,
I dance using 1, Ougi book, and am tight
I dance with toshita posture and a handsome "model"
Well, anyone can enjoy it casually

Publish a list as follows every area
An area in what go down you like
Please see.

The person who wants a lesson,
The place where oneself is easy to go to,
Or to "this noh player
The name of the noh player to want to learn it
If you can contact the secretariat,
From an applicable noh player
I contact you.
You can ask about the details on this occasion.

Please talk casually.

Inquiry in the net,
Or the application,
Application, inquiry

The telephone,
General corporate judicial person Kanze school society, the secretariat


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