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Guidance of the Kanze school society

The history of general corporate judicial person Kanze school society

Kanze school Noh theater | Photograph of the empty stage
Kanze school society
●1900 establishment
●1951 authorization
A school, Kanze school to inherit the tradition of about 600 years from Kanami, Zeami who is a person of completion of the ability. The Kanze school proud of the biggest scale among Noh five kinds of deportation groups works on tradition and the development of Japanese traditional entertainments energetically as a school on behalf of Noh world.

"Kanze school society" is a group making the core of the Kanze school and is constructed by 66 Kanze school protagonist noh players led by 26th head family Kiyokazu Kanze inheriting the genealogy. It is 1900 (Meiji 33) that our meeting was established. It became the corporate judicial person in 1951 (Showa 26) and, thank you, was able to reach the 100th anniversary again in 2000 (Heisei 12).

"The Kanze school Noh theater" which was a base had been got close to by Shibuya-ku, Tokyo breeze through pine trees for 43 years, but I closed it in March, 2015 (Heisei 27) and changed "the 25th Sakon Kanze memory Kanze school Noh theater" and the name to Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo in April, 2017 (Heisei 29) and moved. I perform a Noh performance about 130 times a year or more about 20 times a year or more much various performances got close to again in the wide layer as a multipurpose hall in a performance hosted by Kanze school society.

Guidance of the Kanze school performance hosted by a meeting

●I perform the following sponsorship publicly regularly in the Kanze school society.
Periodical ability10 times a year. It is held on every month first Sunday except April, October.
I center on a member of our meeting and depend on a performer representing national Kanze school.
Craggy coast GINZA abilitySix times a year. Even month holding. The event by the nucleus, the young member.
Craggy coast GINZA ability special performanceTwice a year. It is held in May, November. I stage it led by Omagari.
Meeting according to the Kanze school societyTwice a year. The special performance that is held in April, October. I stage it led by Omagari.
Kanze school society singing a No song without accompaniment societyOnce a year. It is held in June. The meeting of the chanting of a Noh text and the end.
※I will not hold it in 2023

●I perform the following annual events other than the periodical performance mentioned above.
The Meiji Shrine first singing of utai for the year typeI dedicate chanting of a Noh text io celebrating the New Year by a member of Kanze school society.

Corporation summary

Corporation nameGeneral Kanze school society
The location
〒The third floor of 104-0061 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo GINZA SIX basement
Phone number
FAX number
RepresentativeDirector Kiyokazu Kanze
Duties contents1.Holding such as a workshop about the Noh, act ability society, a Noh classroom, the Noh song classroom 2.Various records about the Noh and collection display of the document 3.Bulletin, publication distribution of the data for the study about other Noh 4.Ancient documents, No-mask, noh costume, maintenance preservation of tools for the act ability 5.A No-mask, noh costume, adjustment of tools for the act ability and repair 6.The training of the noh player 7.Public welfare, the public welfare work that are necessary for the mutual aid of the noh player 8.Others

Kanze school library
〒150-0001 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
5-27-2, Jinguumae

Kanze school society
〒104-0061 Chuo-ku, Tokyo
6-10-1, Ginza

GINZA SIX the third floor of the basement


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