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Lesson ground guidance of Hokkaido

Do you not take a lesson?

If the secretariat can inform it the name of the place where oneself is easy to go to or the noh player to "want to learn it from this noh player", the person wanting a lesson contacts you from an applicable noh player.
You can ask about the details on this occasion. Please talk casually.

The telephone is the Kanze school society secretariat

List of lesson ground of Hokkaido

List of lesson ground of Hokkaido

HokkaidoSapporo-shiSix times a year
kanyokyoshu (kanzeyasuhide)
Hakodate-shiSix times a year
kanyokyoshu (kanzeyasuhide)
Tomakomai-shiOnce a month
Takahiro Takeda (takedanaohiro)
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