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Privacy policy

(1) Basic way of thinking
I collect the information of all of you that our site is used as far as it is necessary for the smooth administration of the service (reporting by the homepage, delivery of the e-mail magazine, various inquiries) to offer in (it is said as follows with our site). It deals with the gleanings within the use purpose appropriately.

(2) Range of the information to collect
A. In our site information such as Internet domain name, IP address, reading with the deployment
  I collect it automatically. In addition, a cookie (to distinguish a user on the server side
  I do not use information) accumulated to the computer of the user by a server.

B. In the use of "the e-mail magazine", I ask for the registration of the e-mail address.
  In addition, about for sex, age, an occupation ward and the residence metropolis and districts (it is said with "a user attribute" as follows),
  I ask for registration optionally.

C. As, about "an inquiry," I may not answer depending on question contents
  Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

(3) Use purpose

A. (2) Because the gleanings run the service that our site provides smoothly in -A
  For reference, I use it.


B. (2) Use "the e-mail address" that collected in -B ・(2) -C for the delivery of the e-mail magazine.
  As reference on producing the e-mail magazine about the user attribute that had you register optionally
  I use it.

(4) Limit of the use and the offer
I may not disclose it to a third party unless there are other special reasons when there is the disclosure request based on laws and ordinances in our site when there are the illegal acts such as unauthorized access, the threat without obtaining consent of the person who had you register gleanings.

(5) Measures of the ensuring safety
Our site takes necessary measures for a leak, the loss of gleanings or the appropriate management of prevention or other gleanings of the damage.

(6) Disclosure of the information about the self
Our site does not collect other information that can generally distinguish an authorized individual on a full name, the date of birth. Therefore, about the request of the disclosure of the information about the registrant of "the e-mail magazine" and the self by "inquiries", it is not accepted.

(7) Summary range
This privacy policy is applied only in our site.

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons

This website uses cookies and web beacons to gain information about customer access. Neither of these tools has the ability to access a user’s private information.
In addition, if you are browsing with the setting to enable cookies turned off, the setting to not display images turned on, or with other related browser settings, some functions of this website may not be available.

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