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Student appreciation program

<< guidance of the student appreciation program >>

"I want Japanese children carrying the future to know the Noh!"
The Fundamental Law of Education is revised in 2006, and respect for traditional culture of our country is specified, and it is demanded that I establish the opportunity that o is in the spot of the education more positively and takes up the traditional culture that I usually rarely mention.
"Welcome to the world of the Noh!"
 The Noh that it is very difficult to feel that it is understood only in "I merely watch it" without any back ground.
 However, "the world to be seen" changes surprisingly in a little explanation and experiencing it. From thought to want the students who will flap in the future to know this splendid entertainment that Japan is proud of to the world by all means, I wrestle for a Noh spread activity in the public corporate judicial person Kanze school society for students positively.
 The program including "traditional arts appreciation society" that I visit it to "the student appreciation ability" in the 25th Sakon Kanze memory Kanze school noh theater (480 seats of capacity) in Tokyo, Ginza and in primary, middle and high schools schools of the whole country lasts for many divergences.

Noh theater whole view

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Student appreciation ability example program

Not only I merely perform act ability, but also, as for the program that students see, various combinations are possible from the following.
[story of the ability]
Basic knowledge of the Noh tells you about charm from the glance of the noh player again.
[commentary of an aspect, the attire]
You see a No-mask and attire to use on the stage and actually comment.
[conduct experience]
You have students actually go on the stage, and please experience conduct of the ability such as the cause, the shuffling walk of the instruction of the noh player.
[lesson of the chanting of a Noh text]
Please touch the beautiful Japanese world of the Noh while distributing a literature (the lyrics), and having students speak.
[attire dressing]
In front of everybody, you see dressing of the attire from the beginning. It is the special program that I cannot usually see only in the appreciation classroom.
[musical accompaniment commentary]
I comment on the musical accompaniments such as a flute, a hand drum or the drum which act ability cannot miss.
[program commentary]
Prior to act ability, a noh player is about to talk about an outline, the highlight of the work to all of you directly.
[the end]
You see "the end" to stage only a dance to become the first highlight of the program (program) of the ability and introduce the world of the Noh.
[act ability]
It is act ability to become Maine of the appreciation classroom. It will be that the understanding to a work deepens markedly because there is the knowledge that I got through a workshop.
[question corner]
It is the opportunity when I can ask a noh player about a curious thing directly. Please in anything casually!

State of the real appreciation program

Students is easy to understand a noh player and guides you about the world of the Noh.
In the workshop, I have students actually go on the noh stage in a white tabi and, with a noh player, experience the conduct such as shuffling walks. I touch the world of the Noh using a body.
A state of the act ability appreciation. "A robe of an angel" which even a robe-of-feathers-type myth of world heritage, sanho no Matsubara is familiar to is the program on this day.


I ask about your request and assemble the performance contents. Full-scale act ability or workshop ask about time and a budget and suggest the special program only for the day. Please feel free to contact me.
All the noh players look forward to the encounter with young people filled with spirit.
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