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Tama Art University Noh poster workshop 2020

Workshop summary

  Special plan tenth << Kanze school Noh theater Tama Art University≫
Noh poster workshop 2020

I had "craggy coast ability" go to the theater to students of Tama Art University every year in August in the Kanze school Noh theater and, about that, carried out the workshop which produced a poster work. Please enjoy this plan to all of you that you are watching sequentially this year on Kanze school society homepage.

 This plan that began in 2011. Well, what kind of thought will the work group of this year when you see it leave for everybody from now on? It will be that it is in big encouragement for the student who participated in this approach if you see a work and can be interested in Noh even a little.

- - which was interested in Noh to see that poster. We wait expectantly for being able to meet a lot such a person alone in a Noh theater, too.

Ten people of Tama Art University graphic design "graphic design B-I" in the third year of a subject study,
I appreciated "Kanze school society craggy coast ability" on August 8, 2019, and "ability" produced the poster of the theme.
Examine mind of "the ability" with the tradition of 700 years and beauty of the culture, and in time and space
Make expressed story characteristics and "dance" and "music" the sight information figuratively, and on one piece of paper [poster]
It is the perfect opportunity when I show power of expression only by the graphic design to fix and can create it.
I will introduce the poster design work "ability" that I worked on for modern sensitivity "Kanze school society craggy coast ability".
I express sincere appreciation for all of the Kanze school society that gave a valuable opportunity.
Katsuhiro Kinoshita (Tama Art University's professor)

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