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Introduction to Noh text

"The introduction to Kanze school Noh text" for Noh beginners (beginner)

To a Noh beginners (beginner)

The Noh that it was successful in the Muromachi era by Kanami, Zeami father and son is still appreciated as classical art on behalf of Japan throughout the world regardless of home and abroad in the present age of the 21st century. If read commentaries of a stage commentary, noh player and musical accompaniments of the history, the noh theater of the Noh once to have have Noh beginners know more Noh in the page of this [introduction to Noh text], and be interested; you are an authority of Noh in a short time, too! I prepare to download ninareru [introduction to Noh text] with a PDF file. Please use it freely.

I click the following PDF downloading link, and please see it.

Adobe Reader is necessary for reading of the PDF file. When the software is not installed, please perform downloading (for free) of Adobe Reader from the site of Adobe company.

I accept a lecture, a lecture of the Noh

One to think of including a lecture, the lecture about the Noh is ...

The wanting a lecture and a lecture of the Noh, please feel free to consult me by a school and the class unit.
Similarly I accept the Noh performance that I brought a commentary of the Noh into at school.
Even workplace unit is good not only a school.
Please talk about the reservations performances in a Kanze school noh theater or other noh theaters.
I take the performance of the anniversary memory of a school and the workplace.

Anyway! All the people thinking that I want to touch the Noh, please feel free to consult me at the following.

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