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Kanze school performance plan hosted by a meeting

Kanze school noh theater

Guidance of the Kanze school performance hosted by a meeting

●I perform the following sponsorship publicly regularly in a Kanze school noh theater in the Kanze school society.
Periodical ability 10 times a year. It is held every month on first Sunday.
I center on a member of our meeting and depend on an actor representing national Kanze school.
Tokyo Kanze school society Five times a year. Odd month holding. The event by the member of our meeting.
Craggy coast ability Five times a year. Even month holding. The event by the young member.
Meeting according to the Kanze school society
Twice a year. It is held in autumn in spring in October April. A special performance.
(in 2017, there is no holding)
Kanze school society singing a No song without accompaniment society Once a year. It is held in June. The meeting of the chanting of a Noh text and the end.

●Of the periodical performance mentioned above, besides, perform the following annual events.
Meiji Shrine first singing of utai for the year type I dedicate chanting of a Noh text io celebrating the New Year by a member of Kanze school society.
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