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The ability that has never met you

August 12, 2019 Monday (holiday) 
[Part 1] The curtain rises for the first time at ability 12:00 (the 11:30 opening)
It is finally a gate-guard office greetings, commentary Yamashina
Entering musical accompaniment workshop & chanting of a Noh text lesson Sosuke Takeda
Digest ability legendary tribe of cave dwellers inhabiting ancient Japan corner Kojiro
[Part 2] The curtain rises for the first time at ability +15 time (the 14:30 opening)
It is finally gate-guard office Taichiro Nomura workshop Yamashina of a commentary, ability and the Noh comedy
Digest Noh comedy bell Taichiro Nomura
Digest notenkorokokoremaifujihajuhikobudenshuten 
[admission, each time] 
S seat 4,000 yen A seat 3,000 yen
Parent and child pair ticket (one adult, one child)
S seat 4,500 yen A seat 3,500 yen
※A child is lower than a university student
Student seat (primary schoolchild - university student) 1,500 yen
※30 years or older, the Open University of Japan and the communication lecture attendance life are inapplicable
[ticketing] ※I sell a today's ticket from the opening time
Kanze school Noh theater 03-6274-6579


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