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Happy hour ticket

Happy hour ticket

It is recommended information for a beginner!

≪Happy hour ticket≫
"A round number" is called "drill ability" by the last ability of the performance day "Tome",
A lot of music that existence of iyokai including an ogre and the long-nosed goblin comes up and shows dynamic conduct

As presentation time has many relatively short things, it is recommended toward the beginner.

You can see the last ability first on the day.

An unreserved seat general as for the admission 3,000 yen, the student seat with 1,500 yen,
By the happy hour ticket that the price is very advantageous,
Please enjoy the world of the energetic ability that was something "to be mysterious and profound".
It releases the ticket on the day in a meeting place. Please confirm a program at release start time.
I announce the number of release and the walk-in on the day in the top page of our homepage,
You may have you ask it to a Kanze school noh theater on the day. ⇒⇒⇒ 03-6274-6579

In addition, please note that it should be cancellation when you are full.

≪Happy hour tickets≫
Ending play of a Noh-program is called "Tome" generally in this category a demon,
an orge or being of another world appears and demonstrates dynamic movements.

The play is short. Therefore, we recommend it to the novice audience.
You can enter the theater during 15 minutes intermission around 2:30 p.m.
and see 4th Noh dances (subject to change) and one Noh performance.
Ticket: That day of 1:30 p.m. will be started.
: The number of selling tickets and entrance time will be mentioned Top of the homepage.
Also ask Kanze Noh Theater on that day.

Information: 03-6274-6579
Price of ticket: 
                 Unreserved seat: 3,000- yen
                        Student seat: 1,500- yen

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