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August Kanze school society commuter pass ability

Sunday, August 2, 2020
The opening: The curtain rises at 12:20 p.m.: 1:00 p.m.
Ability    Kashiwazaki          Kiyokazu Kanze
Sham winnow cover            Okura good luck Jiro
noushikuukore*        It is finally a gate-guard office Yamashina
※Because of a state of emergency, I take emergency presentation procedures such as some abbreviation of the program.
 Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※Please see the request to a customer on arriving.
I sell the admission today's ticket from 12:20
SS reserved seat 12,500 yen
S reserved seat 9,000 yen
A reserved seat 7,000 yen
B reserved seat 6,000 yen
[ticketing] Now on sale!
Kanze school Noh theater office ☎03-6274-6579
Internet sale
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