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[Kanze school society craggy coast ability April] ※Performance postponement

Thursday, April 9, 2020 performance postponement 
→Transfer performance day Thursday, July 9, 2020
Start 1:00 p.m. opening 12:00 p.m.
The end
King Nonishi mother        Yoshiteru Takeda
Sham sect eight       Miyake right quadrature
In ability Aoi       Soya Kaneko
※From 12:30 should cancel "... for the time being to enjoy araiso - ability".
※Because of a state of emergency, I take emergency presentation procedures such as some abbreviation of the program.
※Please see the request to a customer on arriving.
※The annual reserved-seat ticket is not available.
※The performance ticket becomes all the replacement on a transfer performance ticket in July in April.
 You cannot enter it by the performance ticket in April.
 On the day the person having only a performance ticket trades with a transfer ticket in a venue in April.
 I may have you move from a seat you want slightly at first.
[admission ticket] I sell it from today's ticket 12:00
S reserved seat 4,500 yen A reserved seat 3,300 yen student seat 1,800 yen
[the ticket handling]  From Tuesday, June 30 10:00
Kanze school Noh theater 03-6274-6579


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