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March Kanze school society commuter pass ability

Sunday, March 1, 2020 opening 12:20 p.m. start 1:00 p.m.
Ability "seikei*korekata" Manzaburo Umewaka
Sham "Kitsunezuka"      Chikanari Miyake
An ability "pearl oyster pine"     Kiyokazu Kanze
Ability "killing stone white head" seisuigi*
SS reserved seat 12,500 yen
S reserved seat
9,000 yen
A reserved seat 7,000 yen
B reserved seat
6,000 yen
Student seat 4,200 yen
[about the sale of the happy hour ticket]
※On the day I sell a ticket from 4:30 p.m. for a happy hour when there is a vacant seat.
On the day I do not sell it when there is not a seat.
 General 3,000 yen
 Student 1,500 yen
[the ticket handling]
From Tuesday, January 7 10:00
Kanze school Noh theater office ☎03-6274-6579
From Sunday, January 5
Kanze school Noh theater sale
The person who has a periodical ability ticket in January from 12:20
The person who does not have a periodical ability ticket becomes the sale from 13:00 in January.
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