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The other meeting of Kanze school society spring ※Performance cancellation

Guidance of the other meeting performance cancellation of Kanze school society spring

I give a performance about the other meeting of Kanze school society spring and, with "emergency declaration" by this new coronavirus fashion official announcement, should cancel it.
To the customer who had to wait to enjoy the performance concerned of the guidance of degrees is changed, and I am very sorry, and sincerely apologize.
Therefore, I refund the ticket.
For more details, please see this.
Sunday, April 5, 2020 performance postponement
→I give a performance on Sunday, May 31, 2020 on a transfer performance day and cancel it
Opening 12:20 p.m. start 1:00 p.m.
Ability "Sadaie" Sakae Terai
Sham "eight linked poem" Man Nomura
Accompaniment for a protagonist's plain dress dance "Sayo, Matsuura princess" Kiyokazu Kanze
It is finally a gate-guard office ability "kuraumatenenokohakutoso*" Yamashina
※The ticket you have becomes just valid for the applicable performance mentioned above now.
※You have you keep the ticket carefully so that it is not lost, and please bring it by all means on a transfer performance day.
To the customer who cannot arrive in the schedule for a transfer performance, I refund the ticket.
Please see this about the refund.
[admission] I sell it from today's ticket 12:20
SS reserved seat 15,000 yen
S reserved seat 13,000 yen
A reserved seat 10,000 yen
B reserved seat 7,000 yen
※We do not have the handling of the ticket in a student seat, the happi coat hour of this performance.
[the ticket handling]
From Tuesday, August 6 10:00
Kanze school Noh theater office ☎03-6274-6579
From Sunday, August 4
Kanze school Noh theater sale
The person who has a periodical ability ticket in August from 12:20
The person who does not have a periodical ability ticket becomes the sale from 13:00 in August.
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