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The other meeting of the Kanze school society autumn

Sunday, October 6, 2019 opening 12:20 p.m. start 1:00 p.m.
Ability "Kiso application" Tomotaka Sekine
Sham "two hakamas" Tojiro Yamamoto
Accompaniment for a protagonist's plain dress dance "haneisaishokukoreden" Kiyokazu Kanze
Ability "**shochotsuesandankoremai" Hisahiro Oka
Other ends
[admission] I sell it from today's ticket 12:20
SS reserved seat 15,000 yen
S reserved seat 13,000 yen
A reserved seat 10,000 yen
B reserved seat 7,000 yen
※We do not have the handling of the ticket in a student seat, the happi coat hour of this performance.
[the ticket handling]
From Tuesday, August 6 10:00
Kanze school Noh theater office ☎03-6274-6579
From Sunday, August 4
Kanze school Noh theater sale
The person who has a periodical ability ticket in August from 12:20
The person who does not have a periodical ability ticket becomes the sale from 13:00 in August.
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