A Kanze school Noh theater was dressed and opened newly in Ginza on April 20, 2017. Come by all means.
Look at venue information, the performance information than a lower banner.
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Kanze school noh theater
Performance information
It is opened by Kanze school Noh theater, GINZA SIX
"The Kanze school Noh theater" which becomes the base of the Kanze school built with foundation of the Kanze school society of 1900. I moved to Shibuya-ku breeze through pine trees from Shinogawamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Omagari) in 1972 and tried for tradition and the development of the traditional entertainment day and night. It is the spring of 2015 that I took down a curtain for the history of 43 years in Shoto. I said good-bye to the ground where I got used to of Tokyo, Shoto, and I removed and rebuilt limelight of Shoto at Tokyo, 6, Ginza, and, in April, 2017, the new Noh theater which stood on the history newly was born.
Most perform the performance of the ability publicly on one a day. The rates of a division, the ticket of a kind, the seat of a program, a performer, the seat change every performance. The reservation method of the ticket varies by each performance, too. In addition, I will perform the event except the Noh performance in future. If a performance to be worried about is found, please refer for a ticket handling place of each performance after confirmation by all means.
Meeting place information
To a Kanze school noh theater
Precaution when I come over
To a Kanze school Noh theater GINZA SIX, an elevator of the Mihara Street side, sightseeing center side,
Or come to 3F under the ground with an escalator.
Chuo-dori becomes the vehicle-free promenade by celebration on Saturday and Sunday.
As you cannot pass it on a visit by car, please be careful.
Common question
1.Do the sales people of the dining room have it?
There is not the dining room in the noh theater. Please use the restaurant of in GINZA SIX or the neighborhood.
2.Can you enter it even from the middle of the performance?
You can enter it even from the middle of the performance, but, by progress of the stage, may not enter it. Thank you for your understanding.
3.Is there the parking lot?
The parking lot, please use a parking lot in GINZA SIX.
4.Can you observe it?
I do not perform the visit in the hall.
In addition, purchase product sales; cannot enter it.