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News of the 49th JXTG music prize (former Exxon Mobil prize) receiving a prize
 The prize winner of "the JXTG juvenile culture, music prize" was announced from JXTG Holdings in 2019 on June 6, 2019, and "music Prize" was won Kanze school society's director 26th Kanze school head family Kiyokazu Kanze head family.
■Receiving a prize reason
Kiyokazu Kanze is the 26th head master of a school of the Kanze school to descend from Kanami, Zeami. I promote the latest Noh with classic tradition positively while attracting the audience by a wonderful performance by a performance out of the country. I establish "a Kanze school library" for the purpose of the storage of the coming No-mask, noh costume, book of secrets and, for preservation, a study, the spread of ability, release them to the Kanze school family on the Internet as "a Kanze school archive" recently. I let a big business to relocate the Kanze school Noh theater to Ginza in 2017 succeed.
I am doing other genres with the multipurpose hall which I can use without limiting the 25th Sakon Kanze memory Kanze school Noh theater which I established in "GINZA SIX" to ability. They take a tradition of the ability that has been succeeded to for 700 years and convey it in the next generation, and this committee appreciates a posture of Kiyokazu Kanze who continues thinking about the way of the new ability.
                                   (music prize traditional Japanese music section selection committee)
"The JXTG music prize" is founded as "Exxon Mobil prize" in 1971, for development, improvement of the Japanese music culture
Formality given the individual who greatly contributed or the group is a high prize.
It produces five prize winners from Noh world in the past.
[receiving a prize reason]
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